Head Leasing Services

We provide a range of services to assist people to access subsidised private rental across metropolitan Melbourne.

The program provides support to four groups: adults and families who are economically vulnerable, young people at risk of homelessness who have intersected with the criminal justice system, women and their children escaping family violence, and people who have experienced chronic or repeated homelessness. The services we offer in this area are listed below.

HomeDirect for Adults and Families

HomeDirect enables adults and families who are experiencing disadvantage or are at risk of homelessness to access the private rental market by sub leasing a property with subsidised rent from VincentCare.

Call: (03) 9611 9252


Jesuit Social Services for Young People

VincentCare and Jesuit Social Services are in partnership to deliver the Link program that offers greater access and affordable private rental properties to young people at risk of homelessness, who have also intersected with the criminal justice system with subsidised rent for the tenant.

Call: (03) 8595 2438


Rapid Housing Family Violence

Established to support women and children escaping family violence, rapid rehousing aims to secure a home for families enabling a fresh start. The subsidised rent model enables families to ‘get back on their feet’ and gain rental experience, including a lease in their own name.

Call: (03) 9611 9265


Homelessness Initiative

People experiencing homelessness who are sleeping rough can access private rental in Frankston, Bendigo and Ballarat. The program is available to people who may require support to maintain housing.

Call: (03) 9611 9265


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