Drug and alcohol

Find information and referrals to specialised treatment for drug and alcohol dependency and issues.

The alcohol and other drugs [AOD] sector has gone through a number of changes in recent years in order to make it easier for people seeking help. Victoria has been divided into different catchment areas so that you will be connected with an agency that’s close to you.

To get an assessment and be referred to a service, you can either call DirectLine on 1800 888 236 or visit their website at where you can access 24-hour counselling, information and referral. Otherwise make an appointment at an Access Point for your assessment. An Access Point is a designated community organisation that does intake and assessment for people needing help.

There are different streams to help your needs. These include:

Counselling – ranging from individual face to face, online or phone sessions to group therapy with others or your family
Non-residential withdrawal – for when you want to withdraw but stay in the community with support
Residential withdrawal – supervised withdrawal in a hospital or residential setting, ideal for people who have complex needs or are unable to withdraw at home due to instability
Residential rehabilitation – a safe and secure residential stay with other people who are experiencing similar issues, focussing on individual and group counselling and peer support
Care and recovery coordination – for people who are at high risk and need help to coordinate the services and programs that they need to attend
Therapeutic day rehabilitation – similar to residential rehabilitation except that you are able to stay in your community
Pharmacotherapy – if you need the assistance of prescription medication to help you reduce or withdraw from your usage, a worker will support you to do so while engaging in counselling or other services
Youth services – for people aged under 25, these services encourage the involvement of family where appropriate. They also help to manage other services that the person is using including mental health, education and child protection.
Aboriginal services – just like the youth services are aimed at young people, the Aboriginal services are aimed at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The programs are provided in a way that is culturally informed with a focus on harm minimisation and the reduction of uptake of alcohol and other drugs.

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