Youth Justice Community Support Service Program

Provides long-term support to young adults aged 16-25 who have a history of homelessness and youth justice involvement.

The Youth Justice Community Support Service provides long-term support to young adults experiencing homelessness aged 16-25 who have a history of youth justice involvement.

The service provides:

  • a flexible, non-judgmental outreach service that maintains continuity of support;
  • advocacy with, and on behalf of, young adults who have difficulty accessing appropriate and relevant services;
  • support to young adults in identifying areas they consider important, and determine the pace at which their goals are reached;
  • assistance to access a range of community resources such as accommodation, general and mental health, education, employment, legal, drug and alcohol, recreation etc; and
  • collaboration with other services specific to young adult’s needs.

The Youth Justice Community Support Service consists of two programs:

  • Transitional Housing Support Program
    The program helps to house young people in a Transitional Housing Management (THM) nominated property located within the North West region. Young people are supported to maintain their THM tenancy as well as obtain long-term housing and address a range of presenting issues.
  • Outreach Program
    The Outreach Program offers case management and support, with each client receiving assertive and intensive outreach support to help them manage their needs and create a pathway out of homelessness.

Presenting issues may include:

  • dual diagnosis;
  • sex based offences;
  • history of numerous parole breaches; and
  • transition from parole support.

Who is eligible for Youth Justice Community Support Service?

Young adults aged 16-25 who are involved with the Department of Justice and Regulation (DoJR) Youth Justice System.


Vacancies are managed by DoJR Youth Justice Department whereby internal referral and nomination of North West Youth Justice clients takes place. It is not open to external agencies.

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