Ozanam Enterprises disability employer

If you have a disability you can access work through Ozanam Enterprises. We currently provide work and training opportunities for more than 60 people with a disability.

Ozanam Enterprises is dedicated to improving the lives of our people.

Ozanam Enterprises was established in 1976 by a consortium of parents who had children with a disability about to complete their schooling with little or no prospect of gaining employment. Original activities undertaken by the group included providing lawn mowing and gardening services to the Mornington area.

Ozanam Enterprises currently provides on-going, stable employment and training opportunities for 60 people with a disability.

Ozanam Enterprises employees are its greatest asset, with training and skill development in a work environment which focuses on excellence in customer service. Through demonstrated work skills Ozanam Enterprises assists individuals to enhance their self-esteem, improve their sense of self-worth and allows them to reach their full potential in a friendly workplace setting.

Positive outcomes for employees include improved financial independence and extended opportunities for social integration and friendships.

Ozanam Enterprises employees are also encouraged and supported to attain work in mainstream employment, should they wish to gain further work experience.

Currently, Ozanam Enterprises is a thriving commercial business, which employs a number of individuals who are living with a disability and have been out of employment for a long period of time.

Ozanam Enterprises is engaged in a number of activities including refurbishment of headsets for a major airline and various tasks for a large printer including inserting, stickering and labelling of files and folders.

Ozanam Enterprises has been successful in its endeavours and continues to provide a high level of social support and extra-curricular training for its staff and in correspondence with the Australian Government Department of Social Services is continually described as a “high performing” outlet.


Ozanam Enterprises has agreements with a number of organisations, including:


VincentCare and Ozanam Enterprises aim to respond to their clients who are experiencing disadvantage and set them on a pathway to a stable future where they can be safe and able to participate in the community.

To work at Ozanam Enterprises you must:

  • Want to work
  • Be Centrelink endorsed and of working age
  • Able to make your own way to work

Please note, Ozanam Enterprises informs schools and employment support agencies when it has vacancies.


Those interested in working at Ozanam Enterprises are encouraged to make contact with the friendly staff at the facility.

Initially a meeting will be arranged to talk about the work which is done at Ozanam Enterprises and to find out what you like to do and what you have done before. You will be taken on a tour of Ozanam Enterprises and then be asked some more about what you have seen and how you felt about what you saw. A family member, friend, or an advocate is welcome to support you during this interview.

You may then be asked to participate in a two day work trial so you will really get to understand what it is like to work here. The trial is unpaid.

If you and the Ozanam Enterprises staff think that this is the right job for you and there is a vacancy, then you may wish to start work at Ozanam Enterprises. There is a three month probationary period and your employment is conditional upon your satisfactory performance and is also subject to a clear Police Check.

If you are happy and Ozanam Enterprises are happy with your work, your position will be made permanent. The opportunity exists for full time (five days per week) or part time employment, depending on what you want or what other commitments you have, such as part time study, family duties, etc.

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